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Haowei Zhang
Haowei Zhang on 23 Nov 2022
Commented: Haowei Zhang on 23 Nov 2022
I was creating a graph where the system says "Variable y_div must be of size [1 2001]. It is currently of size [1 1]. Check where the variable is assigned a value."
Idk whats wrong
x = -1 : 0.001 : 1;
y_div = (x.^2) / (1 + (x.^2));
title ('División acotada');
plot (x, y_div);
subplot (3,1,1);

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Nov 2022
A/B is approximately A*pinv(B) where the * is inner product (algebraic matrix multiplication). When both sides are column vectors the result is a scalar.
You need the division operator, which is ./ not /

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Torsten on 23 Nov 2022
x = -1 : 0.001 : 1;
y_div = (x.^2) ./ (1 + (x.^2));
title ('División acotada');
plot (x, y_div);

Carlos Guerrero García
Carlos Guerrero García on 23 Nov 2022
If you put the title and then plot without "hold on" you never see the title (swap title and plot instructions), but your error is the dot before "/". Try with the following lines:
In Spanish: Si pones el título antes de "plot" sin poner "hold on" entonces no te aparecerá el título. Para arreglar eso, te propongo hacer primero "plot" y luego poner el título, pero tu error está en el punto antes de la división. Prueba con lo siguiente:
x = -1:0.001:1;
y_div =(x.^2)./(1+(x.^2));
plot(x, y_div);
title('División acotada')
Haowei Zhang
Haowei Zhang on 23 Nov 2022
Gracias, es que lo sabia hacer esto pero de repente se me olvido de eso xD.

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