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Connecting to a parallel server over the Internet

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Khairul Adib Yusof
Khairul Adib Yusof le 7 Déc 2022
I have managed to setup a MATLAB Parallel Server toolbox on a workstation computer and mangaged to submit jobs from my laptop. But this can only be done when the two computers are connected to the same local network. Is there a way to do this over the Internet?
Thank you.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris le 7 Déc 2022
The "server" machine has to be reachabe from the Internet. If this is an isolated machine, without a public IP address, you won't be able to reach it.
A consideration is looking at Cloud Center. It requires an AWS account, but you'll be able to submit parallel jobs to it.
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Khairul Adib Yusof
Khairul Adib Yusof le 9 Déc 2022
Yes, the server is reachable from the Internet. I did mention in the title: "...over the Internet".

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