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ke le 8 Déc 2022
Commenté : William Rose le 15 Mai 2023
Our teacher asked us to calculate the amplitude and phase of tidal components with t_tide. I have downloaded the t_tide package, and how to use it, what are the inputs,,can it input multiple sets of data?please input any data [nameu,fu,tidecon,xout]=t_tide(xin,varargin)
i write,

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William Rose
William Rose le 8 Déc 2022
@ke, the t_tide package includes may functions including t_tide.m. The code for t_tide.m has extensive comments describing its inputs and outputs. For t_tide, the one required input is a time series - in other words, a vector or array of observed values at regular untervals (assumed to be 1 hour by default, but you can specify an alternative interval). The time series could be water elevations, water pressures, or current velocities (expressed as complex numbers), for example. There are various optional arguments, all described in the comments of t_tide.m.
See the article describing the t_tide package, here, for a more complete description. You should be able to access the full article via your university library.
Sounds like a good assignment. Good luck.
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William Rose
William Rose le 15 Mai 2023
The code you posted includes
'interval',237, ... % 9 day 21 hour
The .mat file you posted includes the scalar t=733600. If that is the interval, in seconds, then the interval t equals approximately 203.7781 hours, or 8 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes, 41.2 seconds. Which is the correct interval: (9 days 21 hours) or (8d, 11h, 46m, 41.2s)?
Your data set has 280 values. If we assume the sampling interval is 9 days, then this data set corresponds to almost 7 years of data. Therefore it is essential that the sampling interval be known exactly, because even a small error will results in a large error in the phase of the lunar driving force, after 7 years. If the sampling intervals are even slightly uneven, then it will be important to provide a vector containing the date-times of all observations.
William Rose
William Rose le 15 Mai 2023
@Haikal Fayyadh Munadi, please contact me if you woudl like to discuss this further. Contact me by clicking on my name above, then click the envelope icon in the pop-up window.

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