Adapt my colorbar to a specific value

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Gaétan Andriano
Gaétan Andriano le 13 Déc 2022
Here is an example of a figure that you can find in the matlab help with the colorbar function.
My interrogation is very simple. I would like to set a specific color at a specific value on the colorbar. For instance, I would like to have cyan at 4 rather than 0. I don't just want to replace the color there, the goal is to adapt the rest of my colorbar to that value. In my example, I would like the blue shades to be between -6 and 4 and the rest of the colors to be between 4 and 8.
Anyone can help me please ?

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Gaétan Andriano
Gaétan Andriano le 16 Déc 2022

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Jiri Hajek
Jiri Hajek le 14 Déc 2022
Seems like you need to focus on colormap, that's the function which defines your color scale. Or maybe just change the scale for your plot, that way you may be able to shift the color levels, if that's sufficient for you.
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Gaétan Andriano
Gaétan Andriano le 16 Déc 2022
Thanks for your help and I hope this link could help other users of Matlab

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