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Matlab drive connector fails on unix

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Ruchita Mahesh Kumar
Ruchita Mahesh Kumar le 16 Déc 2022
I am trying to install matlab drive connector on aws unix based image provided by matlab.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 16 Déc 2022
That image is very small and difficult to read :(

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Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta le 19 Déc 2022
As per my understanding, you want to install MATLAB Drive Connector on a Unix-based image provided by MATLAB.
You can refer to the following documentation link for instructions on installing MATLAB Drive Connector:
If you are experiencing an issue while installing MATLAB Drive Connector, please contact MathWorks Installation Support and include any log files or crash dumps that have been generated. Please also include any error messages that are being displayed.
Location of Log Files:
~/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/MATLABConnector/$MACHINE_ID/logs
Location of Crash Dumps:
Refer to the following MATLAB Answers link for more information on how to locate Crash Dump files generated by MATLAB:


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