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Model Composer 2021a error : Error using matlab.int​ernal.cef.​webwindow (line 379)

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MAYUKH BAGCHI le 19 Déc 2022
Commenté : Fazal Kareem le 30 Août 2023
I am using Ubuntu 20.04 with vivado 2021.1 and Matlab 2021a. I guess the combination should work for model composer. I have also followed the instructions on getting the gcc 6 version and the qt4 librarty by Xilinx.
I have also removed some of the libfreetype.so files from the MATLAB's /bin/glnxa64 libraries, but that doesn't seem to fix my issue either.
If any of you could help, that would be appreciated! The error window screen shot is attached below.
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Fazal Kareem
Fazal Kareem le 30 Août 2023
Hi Mayukh,
Did you find out a fix for this? I am also having the same issue. Could you please help?

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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn le 6 Jan 2023
Hi Mayukh,
Xilinx Model Composer is a third party tool. I recommend reaching out to them directly:


En savoir plus sur System Composer dans Help Center et File Exchange




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