How do i change a ISO 861 Date that is beeing immported as categorical to a double or similar?

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I am helping someone with this, after two days of googling and searching i am kinda lost.
I have a CSV, similar to the snipet i uploaded(the real file is 8GB), and i am trying to get rid of the categorical format. My Workflow as of rn, import data, select delimited, and so on and soforth and choose column vectors. With that, i can do all the other manipulations as i please, but i need the "time" do finish the job.
At this point i am out of ideas and i do not know where to continue searching.
THanks in advance

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Cameron le 5 Jan 2023
All I did was use the readtable function and it seemed to work fine. Is there something else that I'm missing?
importTable = readtable('Measurement 47 .csv');
NewDateTime = datetime(extractBefore(strrep(importTable.Time,"T"," "),"."));

Siddharth Bhutiya
Siddharth Bhutiya le 26 Jan 2023
You could use detectImportOptions + readtable to do this. detectImportOptions would allow you to specifiy what the data type of the imported variable should be. Link to doc: detectImportOptions


En savoir plus sur Data Type Identification dans Help Center et File Exchange




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