How to get back data from quiver function?

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Let's say I create a quiver plot with X, Y, U and V. If we think in the sense of particles, consider 'n' number of particles that particles have location [X,Y] and corresponding velocities [U, V]. The result from using 'quiver' function is, I get a vector plot that has vectors indicating direction and magnitude of particle displacement. This means that the particles have new locations [X1, Y1]. Is there a way to get this new location data?
I have checked the "get(hQ, 'Xdata')", function that gets me the original data that I have provided to the 'quiver' function, but I could not find the updated location data as inferred from the quiver plots.
I also, understand that scaling the arrows can have an impact on the new locations [X1, Y1]. But, that can not be a concern as of now. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 8 Jan 2023
Edited: Adam Danz on 8 Jan 2023
> the particles have new locations [X1, Y1]. Is there a way to get this new location data?
If you already have the X, Y, U and V values, then the new location is
xnew = x+u;
ynew = y+v;
N.B. These coordinates will match the location of quiver arrow heads only when scaling is turned off.
x = rand(1,20)*20 - 10;
y = rand(1,20)*10 + 40;
u = rand(1,20)*6 - 3;
v = rand(1,20)*10 - 5;
x1 = x + u;
y1 = y + v;
hold on
plot(x, y, 'bo') % mark arrow tail
plot(x1, y1, 'rs') % mark arrow head

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MJFcoNaN on 8 Jan 2023
The vector field is instantaneous, therefore, you have to provide the increment of time for getting a new proximate location. Or you can calculate it from a time series of vector fields.
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Yuvarajendra Anjaneya Reddy
@MJFcoNaN Thank you for your answer. Involving time variable can get tricky and complex in the code I'm using, anyways I appreciate the valid comment.

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