In contourf(), Force a matrix to begin at a specified value on the Y axis

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Dear matlab,
I have a matrix that is a 32 X 7 double.
I'm doing cross-frequency coupling with EEG data.
The amplitude range on the Y axis goes from 9:40, and the phase range on the x axis goes from 1:7
The output matrix after running the algorithm = 32 X 7 double.
THE PROBLEM: In controuf(), I want to plot the matrix to begin at amplitude 9, BUT the matrix WANTS to begin at 1, so when I force the y axis using the ylim([]) function, it correctly sets the y axis to 9:40, BUT THE MATRIX STILL WANTS TO START AT 1:32, SO IT STOPS AT 32 AND LEAVES THE TOP PART BLANK/WHITE.
GOAL: force the matrix to begin at amplitude 9 on y axis and go up to 40 and fill the whole plot with beautiful colors
Attached is:
1) the data
2) an example output png image
Please advise.
Thanks very much in advance for your help (as always)!

Accepted Answer

Voss on 9 Jan 2023
load DataForMatlab
% specify x and y in contourf, increasing y by 8
[m,n] = size(MIcf4);

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