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How to reset job ID in job monitor?

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yuqi ao
yuqi ao le 10 Jan 2023
when I run script as batch job ,the job ID keeps increasing, how can I reset the job ID to 1?
I have tried to delete all jobs, it didn't work

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Gowthami le 3 Fév 2023
The 'ID' property of a parallel.Job object(which is what is displayed in the Job Monitor) is a read-only property and therefore not controllable. It is intended to be a unique identifier that no two jobs of a cluster can share, regardless of whether the jobs have been deleted. This is the reason it is seen as an ever-increasing number even if you delete all jobs.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris le 3 Fév 2023
If you delete all of the jobs and then restart MATLAB, I would expect the job ID to be reset to 1.

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