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I would like to rename a 100 jpg images name at once

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Vibha S
Vibha S le 10 Jan 2023
Modifié(e) : DGM le 10 Jan 2023
My present jpg file names are of the form IMG1 01).jpg.jpg
IMG1 02).jpg.jpg
IMG1 03).jpg.jpg...
IMG1 10758).jpg.jpg.
Would like to change it to IMG_00001, IMG_00002..
Thanks in advance

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DGM le 10 Jan 2023

Cameron le 10 Jan 2023
OldNames = "IMG1 " + transpose(string(1:10758)) + ").jpg.jpg";
OldNames(1:9,1) = "IMG1 0" + transpose(string(1:9)) + ").jpg.jpg";
mkdir NewFiles
for xx = 1:length(OldNames)
for yy = 1:length(OldNames)
NewName = sprintf('%05d',yy);
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Vibha S
Vibha S le 10 Jan 2023
No it didnt transfer any file,
MY files areIMG1 01).jpg.jpg
DGM le 10 Jan 2023
Modifié(e) : DGM le 10 Jan 2023
You have 100 files, but you haven't clearly described where they are or how they're named.
The above script assumes your images are in the current directory.
If you have 100 numbered images whose names contain an arbitrary subset of the numbers [1 10758], then you will have to know which ones you have and how that substring is zero-padded. Perhaps it's merely all the files in a particular directory?
Since this isn't the full set from 1 to 10758, it's also important to know whether the specific number in the filename should be reused, or whether it's sufficient to merely renumber the files sequentially.

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