Transparent figure window for real-time projection

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Hi, I am running real-time integration between Matlab and my hardware setup in an augmented reality system, and I would like to project my Matlab generated figure with a transparent window background (preserving only the image). So far, I have come across codes that allow us to set transparent background when saving the figures (e.g. exportgraphics) - maybe I haven't fonud the right keyword for the search. I tried using the 'set' command (i.e. set(gca,'BackgroundColor','none')) but I haven't been able to get that working.
Does anyone know a way to make the figure window background transparent or completely hide it (including the title, menu bar and figure toolbar) straight from the code, showing only the image when the figure is generated?
Thank you for your help!

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DGM on 11 Jan 2023
Edited: DGM on 11 Jan 2023
Last I heard, the answer was no.
Not unless you're running R2013a or older, with an appropriately old version of Java, and want to try some undocumented/unsupported things.
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Eli Syne
Eli Syne on 13 Jan 2023
Thank you for your reply, and for sharing the links. I will check them out =)

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