How to create two-dimensional boxplots

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Tom Rüther
Tom Rüther le 16 Jan 2023
Commenté : Tom Rüther le 16 Jan 2023
Hey all,
I would like to create a two-dimensional boxplot. So far I only managed to create 1D Boxplots with fixed x-value using boxchart. The result should be something like the below image:
On stackoverflow I found a solution for R and Python (matlplotlib), unfortunately I didn't find anything for Matlab.
Python (matplotlib) solution
I would be happy if someone has a clever idea for the solution. Thanks in advance and best regards,

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly le 16 Jan 2023
Modifié(e) : Kevin Holly le 16 Jan 2023
x = rand(1,30);
y = rand(1,30);
hold on
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Tom Rüther
Tom Rüther le 16 Jan 2023
Dear Kevin,
thank you for this very nice and easy solution!
Best regards,

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Have a look at this code:
It describes how to do 3D boxplots, if you only have one grouping, it would go down to 2D
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Tom Rüther
Tom Rüther le 16 Jan 2023
Dear Constantino,
Thank you for your quick reply, unfortunately this does not work for the desired plot as I would like to display the information in x-direction as well.

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