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Link multiple edit fields in app designer

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William le 19 Jan 2023
Commenté : Jiri Hajek le 24 Jan 2023
I have a parameter which is accesible through a edit field. I would like this parameter to also be accessible in another tab. Is it possible to somehow link two edit fields or make a second instance of the same edit field?

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Jiri Hajek
Jiri Hajek le 19 Jan 2023
Hi, you can use a callback on the first edit field (ValueChangedFcn). In this callback function, you simple assign the new value to the target edit field value.
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William le 24 Jan 2023
Hi. Thanks for the answer. Ill probably do what you suggested. The problem is that it scales badly. What if i want 3 edit fields. Then i have to create at least 4 callbacks to make sure all fields are in agreement.
It just seems like a feature that could be generally usefull.
Jiri Hajek
Jiri Hajek le 24 Jan 2023
Yes, I see your point. There might be a possibility to link directly properties of you objects using linkprop. But actually I'm not sure if this is possible for app components. I have used it for axes properties though and it worked fine.

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