code for neutrosophic pareto distribution

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nahed le 22 Jan 2023
i want the code for neutrosophic pareto when the parameter taked interval

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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler le 24 Jan 2023
Neutrosophic Pareto is a concept used in multi-objective optimization problems when some of the information about the problem is uncertain or incomplete. It is a generalization of the Pareto concept, which is used in traditional multi-objective optimization.
Here's example MATLAB code that takes in an interval [0, 4].
% Define the interval for the decision variable
interval = [0, 4];
% Define the objective functions
f1 = @(x) x.^2;
f2 = @(x) (x-2).^2;
% Define the decision variables
x = linspace(interval(1), interval(2));
% Calculate the Pareto fronts for each objective function
pareto1 = f1(x);
pareto2 = f2(x);
% Find the Neutrosophic Pareto front
npareto = min(pareto1,pareto2);
% Plot the results
legend('Objective 1','Objective 2','Neutrosophic Pareto')


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