Text Area position issue in R2022b version

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I designed an app using the Design View in Matlab r2022a version with especially a Text Area with its associated Label ("Rejection :"). Here is the view of the Design View :
When I run the program, there is no problem to notice and the app is working well with the good design as it can be seen on the following picture:
This time, with matlab r2022b version, the Design View is the same but when I Run the program to use the app, some issue appears :
Indeed, the Text Area and the Label is not at the good place and when I change the Position variables 'bottom' and 'height', nothing is changing. We can see also some little position issues in the left hand side parameteres (boxed in red).
I thanks you in advance for your help :)
Joris PERROT on 16 Mar 2023
Firstly, thank you for your answer !
I attached to this comment an example of this issue. I just put a Text Area in a 2-Panel App with a dimension fixed in the Design View.
When I Run the app (without any code inside), the Text Area is no longer the right size in version R2022b.
There was not this problem in R2022a.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 19 Mar 2023
Edited: Adam Danz on 19 Mar 2023
Thanks for reporting this issue.
A workaround until it is fixed is to apply a grid layout to the right panel in R2022b (or later).
  1. Back up a version of your app before these making changes. If you intend to use the app in older releases of MATLAB some functionality may not be supported depending on what's in your app.
  2. Open the app in R2022b or later.
  3. Right click the panel. Grid options will appear.
  4. Save the app.
Joris PERROT on 20 Mar 2023
Thank you very much for your quick response !

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