How can I use GPU in regression learner app?

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Taehwa Hong
Taehwa Hong le 15 Fév 2023
Applying machine learning algorithm through regression learner, I had a sudden idea.
Am I using my computer's GPU well?
Therefore, I got the following results as a result of using the Matlab command 'gpuDeviceTable'.
From the result, it was confirmed that it was not used, and the 'gpuDevice(1)' command was executed to use the GPU.
Am i doing it right?
Also, do I have to type these same commands repeatedly every time I run Matlab?
Thanks for reading the post.

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Joss Knight
Joss Knight le 19 Fév 2023
You cannot use the GPU through the classification and regression learner apps yet.This documentation page lists the Regression functions with GPU support that you can call programmatically.




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