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Circular time plots using polarhistogram?

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Sadegh Rahimi
Sadegh Rahimi le 17 Fév 2023
Commenté : William Rose le 1 Mar 2023
Hi there,
I don't know how to make circular plots in Matlab. They can provide insight into patterns of activity based on time of day and are frequently used in research articles (like the attached figure). Is it possible to use polarhistogram to draw it? Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

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William Rose
William Rose le 1 Mar 2023
Suppose you have the wind direction in degrees at 1 minute intervals for 1 day:
Make a histogram of the wind:
Maybe you don;t like that histogram because the degrees do not look like a compass. Suppose also that you want the histogram to have 15 degree segments (pi/12) instead of 30 degrees. Make those fixes as follows::
figure; polarhistogram(windDir, 'BinWidth',pi/12)
Good luck!
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Sadegh Rahimi
Sadegh Rahimi le 1 Mar 2023
Truely nice, thank you very much
William Rose
William Rose le 1 Mar 2023
@Sadegh Rahimi, you're welcome.

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