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How to properly using visdiff in command line with mat files ?

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Elie Lusseau
Elie Lusseau le 21 Fév 2023
Modifié(e) : Elie Lusseau le 21 Fév 2023
Hello all,
I am trying to compare m files that contains parameters that are not stored in specific lines.
The only way to do so I found is to :
  • Run the first m file manually and save resulting workspace in a first mat file
  • Run the second m file manually and save resulting workspace in a second mat file
  • right clic with both selected and use compare option
  • Analyse the differences (my real goal/activity)
  • Deleting the mat files
As the overall process of having a GUI is a pain and not really adding value, I am trying to automating evrey step.
But when programmatically compare 2 sets of matlab variables that are stored in temporary mat files.
(My code stores the files in a temp directory so that once the comparison is done, I can delete them.)
Here is a simplified version of my code :
tmpfolder = tempname;
file1 = horzcat(tempname(tmpfolder), '.mat');
file2 = horzcat(tempname(tmpfolder), '.mat');
% file1 and file2 are filled with data
visdiff(file1, file2);
% want to wait here
rmdir(tmpfolder, 's');
The difficulty is that as soon as I run the rmdir command, the visdiff interface freeze and the result of the comparison even does not show up.
Am I doing something the wrong way ?
(Maybe visdiff is not the right tool)
Is there a way to make my code wait for the finished comparison to go to the rmdir command ?
(I already tried the pause(N) and a loop based on desktop = com.mathworks.mde.desk.MLDesktop.getInstance(); but both does not work)
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang le 21 Fév 2023
What do you try to do by "tempname(tmpfolder)"??
Elie Lusseau
Elie Lusseau le 21 Fév 2023
tmpfolder = tempname;
file1 = horzcat(tempname(tmpfolder), '.mat');
Is used to create a file in a temp folder that I will be able to delete at the end.
tempname create a folder in %temp% with a unique name.
tempname(tmpfolder) create a unique file name in the said folder.

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chrisw23 le 21 Fév 2023
try to start a new MatLab session
modify this cmd line as needed
matlab -wait -nodesktop -r "visdiff( \"\"{<file1>}\"\",\"\"{<file2>}\"\")"
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Elie Lusseau
Elie Lusseau le 21 Fév 2023
Thanks for the answer
By modifying the command this way :
system(['matlab -wait -nodesktop -r "visdiff(''', file1, ''', ''', file2, ''')'])
I manage to run a proper separate matlab environment.
Unfortunately, I retrieve an error pop-up (not in command windows) :
Error : Connector is not running. Use connector.ensureServiceOn() to ensure it is running before using it.

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