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Franziska Motka
Franziska Motka on 22 Feb 2023
Commented: Franziska Motka on 24 Feb 2023
Hi everyone,
I have a folder with hundreds of files in it, named like CBM32002.MR.STUDIES_PSYCHOLOGY.0001.0001.2023. CBM320 is the participants ID. I accidently named this particants wrong, it would be CBM330 instead of CBM320. Could somebody help me to write a code which is renaming all files in the folder from CBM320... to CBM330... ?
Thanks for any help!
Franziska Motka
Franziska Motka on 22 Feb 2023
they are all IMA files, so e.g. CBM32002.MR.STUDIES_PSYCHOLOGY.0001.0001.2023.

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Akira Agata
Akira Agata on 22 Feb 2023
How about the following solution?
% Create list of all files in the current folder
s = dir(pwd);
s = struct2table(s);
% Extract the files with the file name of CBM320~
idx = startsWith(, 'CBM320');
s = s(idx,:);
% Create current file names and new file names
oldFileName =;
newFileName = replace(oldFileName, 'CBM320', 'CBM330');
% Change the file name one-by-one
for kk = 1:numel(oldFileName)
movefile(oldFileName{kk}, newFileName{kk});
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Franziska Motka
Franziska Motka on 24 Feb 2023
Finally, I was able to try the code on my PC. It worked! Thank you very much for your help :)

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