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VXIPNP - Matlab instrument driver

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ralphie02 on 24 Feb 2011
Hi Everyone,
I need help on using Agilent 8164A (81635a - sensor, 81682a - source). I am trying to execute a lambda sweep that scans through a specified range of lambda and record the corresponding power (in db). then i need to plot lambda vs power.
I downloaded the driver from agilent and I imported the driver to matlab using midedit already as seen below:
obj = icdevice('hp816x.mdd','GPIB0::20::INSTR')
after this, i tried using the functions in the driver but it doesnt seem to respond. To be honest, I havent tried enough testing or read enough manual to figure out how to use the driver functions through instrument control toolbox.
in my defence, I have been really busy and I havent been to the lab to try it out.....If anyone knows how to do this please let me know or send me a link of a manual that i can read to figure it out....

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Ankit Desai
Ankit Desai on 15 Apr 2011
To check that you have the basic setup correct, you might want to follow the online demo that shows how to use Instrument Control Toolbox to connect to an instrument using a VXIPlug&Play driver.
I was unable to find the VXIPnP driver for the instrument you listed but you can refer to the help installed along with the VXIPlug&Play driver to learn more about which function to call with what parameters.
If that does work for you, you can also try using a GPIB object and communicate using the instrument's SCPI commands. Here's an example that shows how to create and communicate using GPIB object. The programming manual for the instrument that lists all the SCPI commands can be found here.
Hope this helps,

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