How to access Simulink System Composer

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John Figueroa
John Figueroa le 4 Mar 2023
Hello - I have Matlab through my unkiversity. I am using the Radar Toolbox User's Guide to learn how to use the toolbox. I am using Matlab R2022a. On page 1-5 of the guide, it instructs to open the top level architecture "open_system('slexRadarArchitectureExample'). However, it does not load the file.
Is System Composer part of Simulink? If so, why can I not open it?
Thank you. John

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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn le 6 Mar 2023
Hi John,
Yes, System Composer is a separate toolbox that needs to be installed and can be found in the MATLAB Add-On Explorer.
If your are unable to find the architecture file, make sure that you first load the example using the openExample command:


En savoir plus sur System Composer dans Help Center et File Exchange




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