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MATLAB Parallel server: save output data of each worker by program independent job

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The program independent job can work on 10 workers like the following example.
It is assumed that all workers are diffrent nodes each other (node01~node10).
The following code is run on the worker of node01.
% % example.m
c = parcluster;
job1 = createJob(c);
num_worker = 10;
for cnt = 1:num_worker
input_var{cnt} = cnt;
result = fetchOutputs(job1);
function output_var = test_func(input_var)
A = rand(100,100) + 1i*rand(100,100);
output_var = A*input_var;
I want to save the results from all workers.
If the system memory of computing the results is over the limit, we can't acquire and save these results.
So, I try to save each result inside the function, 'test_func.m', as follows.
function [] = test_func(input_var)
A = rand(100,100) + 1i*rand(100,100);
output_var = A*input_var;
If the function is changed as above, the result of each worker is saved in the following path,
I want to save these files on the other path, not a default path,
like the path of node01, '\\node01\E:\folder_name\'.
The follows have error, not to find the path on the other worker except to headnode (node01).
function [] = test_func(input_var)
A = rand(100,100) + 1i*rand(100,100);
output_var = A*input_var;
I wonder how to save output data of each worker on user-defined path of headnode.
Please, help me.
Thank you.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris le 6 Mar 2023
Modifié(e) : Raymond Norris le 7 Mar 2023
Try the following
function [] = test_func(input_var)
% Store the local hostname for future runs
persistent HN
if isempty(HN)
[FAILED, HN] = system('hostname');
HN = getenv('COMPUTERNAME');
HN = strtrim(HN);
if isempty(HN)
error('Failed to get hostname')
A = rand(100,100) + 1i*rand(100,100);
output_var = A*input_var;
% Need to escape each of the backslashes.
% E:\ won't work. Use E$
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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris le 7 Mar 2023
Just so that I understand, you have 10 workers running on 10 nodes. Each worker is to write a result file to the same machine (node01). This machine can be accessed via the E:\ drive. When you try the following
MATLAB throws an error. What error does MATLAB throw? Does each worker throw the same error?
I don't believe this will work for several reasons.
  1. For starters, is "E" a mapped drive or a physical drive? If it's a physical drive, then \\node01\E: isn't proper syntax. I believe this should be \\node01\E$.
  2. If E is mapped drive, then you ought not need to specify \\node01 (since that's already apart of "E")
  3. But I don't think E:\folder_name\... will work because drive mappings are specific to a user, not a machine. Hence, you need to go back to the UNC path (\\node01\E$)
What happens when you try

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