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Generate trapezoidal waveform from a square waveform using convolution

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I try to generate a trapezoidal waveform from a square waveform using convolution using rectpuls() and fft() but I don't manage to obtain the good result with correct amplitude (i.e. same as the original signal). Could you please help me ?
Thank you !
t = 0:10e-6:10;
signal = 270*square(t);
x = rectpuls(t-trise/2,trise);
conv = ifft(fft(signal).*fft(x));
plot(t,signal,'k-+'); hold on
plot(t,conv,'r-s'); hold on
legend('signal', 'conv')
xlabel('Time (s)')
ylabel('Signal (-)')

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William Rose
William Rose le 9 Mar 2023
Modifié(e) : William Rose le 9 Mar 2023
[edit correct capitalization errors]
Your convolution worked and it did produce a trapezoidal signal. You just need to zoom in more on the transitions to see the trapezoidal shape. See zoomed-in plot below.
If you want wider transitions, then you need to make the signal x have a wider pulse. In its present form, the pulse in x is only 0.0001 time units long.
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Victor Dos Santos
Victor Dos Santos le 9 Mar 2023
Thank you @William Rose, that's what I was looking for !

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