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How Can I edit interface Mappings in "Interface Adapter"?

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영섭 손
영섭 손 le 10 Mar 2023
I'm using the "system composer" in MATLAB 2021b.
I'd like to merge the two signals "VehicleRun" & "VehicleGear" and mapping them as bus to output signal "StateVehicle".
I cannot change "Apply interface conversion" list from None to Merge as below image.
Is there a way to merge the signals in the current version?

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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn le 27 Mar 2023
The adapter is the correct way to map multiple interfaces to a composite interface. In R2021b, create your interfaces in the interface editor first and then assign them to the ports upstream and downstream of the interface adapter. The adapter will detect the assigned interfaces and make them available for mapping. This has been streamlined in R2022a so that you no longer need to create interfaces in the interface editor first.
Merge is a software architecture feature (must use software architecture template) for merging message lines created using SimEvents. The merge feature was added in R2022b. Merge Documentation
Hope this helps!


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