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How to reference to a struct field with char array?

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Thana Seelaraj Baiskaran
Thana Seelaraj Baiskaran le 13 Mar 2023
Réponse apportée : Voss le 13 Mar 2023
I have following problem and can't seem to find a solution, probably because I'm lacking some basic understanding.
I have a multilayer struct array (not sure if the term 'multilayer is used correctly here) and I am trying to reference to one of the 'sub'field.
The structure of the variable is as follows:
TestUnits [1x1 struct]: contains A and B
  • A [1x1 struct]: contains ABA, ABB, ABC ...... so on
  • >> ABA [1x5 struct]: contains following structure aas shown in the image below)
  • >> >> contains 5 [1x1] struct
  • >> ABB [1x5 struct]
  • >> ABC [1x5 struct]
  • B [1x1 struct] (same structure as A)
When I manually evaluate this statement:
I get an answer listing the content of the struct array.
But when I try to define a char variable and then use it to access the content of the struct array i get an error.
>> TestUnits.A.(man).Values
Argument to dynamic structure reference must evaluate to a valid field name.
and when i try this , i get the following
>> TestUnits.A.(man{1}).Values
Reference to non-existent field 'ABA(1)'.
By the way, there no such field as ABA(1). ABS is a 1x5 struct as explained above. I am trying to access the contents of one of the 5 1x1 structs.
How do i do it? Can i not use the referencing method mentioned above? I hope I explained my problem good enough.

Réponse acceptée

Voss le 13 Mar 2023
name = 'ABA';
idx = 1;

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