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Matching Requirements Id and Simulink Subsystem Names

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Sinem Bircan
Sinem Bircan le 22 Mar 2023
I want to match more than one requirement Ids from the requirement set with the same Simulink subsystem names in my model.
Can you halp me?

Réponses (2)

Rijuta le 21 Avr 2023
Hi Sinem,
I understand that you are trying to match multiple requirement Ids with same Simulink subsystem names. Here's a general approach to do this:
  • Load the Requirement Set in Simulink Load the requirement set in Simulink using the "Requirements" tab.
  • Once the requirement set is loaded, you can access the requirement set object in MATLAB using the 'slreq'command
  • Get the Requirement IDs of the requirements you want to match.
  • Once you have the requirements that match the given IDs, you can extract the Simulink subsystem names associated with those requirements.
  • When you have the Simulink subsystem names associated with the requirements, you can perform the matching based on your specific criteria.
For detailed explanation of the commands, refer to the documentation.

Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn le 21 Avr 2023
mdl = load_system('MyModelName')
blk = getSimulinkBlockHandle('MyModelName/Path/To/Named/Subsystem')
reqIDs = [slreq.outLinks(blk).SID];


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