How to specify a domain of x and y values for a graph?

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Alec le 22 Mar 2023
I cant seem to get this to work
I am plotting a 3d graph, and I am told to graph it over the domain of
This is my code so far:
syms x y
f = y^2*(3/4)+y^3*(1/24)-y^4*(1/32)-x^2;
axis([-3 3 -3 3 -3 3])
rotate3d on
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Alec le 22 Mar 2023
I tried x= -3:3 and y= -6:6 but That isnt correct (I think).

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico le 22 Mar 2023
Did you read the help for fsurf? What does the second argument do?
help fsurf
FSURF Plot 3-D surface FSURF(FUN) creates a surface plot of the function FUN(X,Y). FUN is plotted over the axes size, with a default interval of -5 < X < 5, -5 < Y < 5. FSURF(FUN,INTERVAL) plots FUN over the specified INTERVAL instead of the default interval. INTERVAL can be the vector [XMIN,XMAX,YMIN,YMAX] or the vector [A,B] (to plot over A < X < B, A < Y < B). FSURF(FUNX,FUNY,FUNZ) plots the parametric surface FUNX(U,V), FUNY(U,V), and FUNZ(U,V) over the interval -5 < U < 5 and -5 < V < 5. FSURF(FUNX,FUNY,FUNZ,[UMIN,UMAX,VMIN,VMAX]) or FSURF(FUNX,FUNY,FUNZ,[A,B]) uses the specified interval. FSURF(AX,...) plots into the axes AX instead of the current axes. H = FSURF(...) returns a handle to the surface object in H. Examples: fsurf(@(x,y) x.*exp(-x.^2-y.^2)) fsurf(@(x,y) besselj(1,hypot(x,y))) fsurf(@(x,y) besselj(1,hypot(x,y)),[-20,20]) % this can take a moment fsurf(@(x,y) sqrt(1-x.^2-y.^2),[-1.1,1.1]) fsurf(@(x,y) x./y+y./x) fsurf(@peaks) f = @(u) 1./(1+u.^2); fsurf(@(u,v) u, @(u,v) f(u).*sin(v), @(u,v) f(u).*cos(v),[-2 2 -pi pi]) A = 2/3; B = sqrt(2); xfcn = @(u,v) A*(cos(u).*cos(2*v) + B*sin(u).*cos(v)).*cos(u) ./ (B - sin(2*u).*sin(3*v)); yfcn = @(u,v) A*(cos(u).*sin(2*v) - B*sin(u).*sin(v)).*cos(u) ./ (B - sin(2*u).*sin(3*v)); zfcn = @(u,v) B*cos(u).^2 ./ (B - sin(2*u).*sin(3*v)); h = fsurf(xfcn,yfcn,zfcn,[0 pi 0 pi]); If your function has additional parameters, for example k in myfun: %------------------------------% function z = myfun(x,y,k1,k2,k3) z = x.*(y.^k1)./(x.^k2 + y.^k3); %------------------------------% then you may use an anonymous function to specify that parameter: fsurf(@(x,y)myfun(x,y,2,2,4)) See also FPLOT, FPLOT3, FMESH, FIMPLICIT3, SURF, VECTORIZE, FUNCTION_HANDLE. Documentation for fsurf doc fsurf Other uses of fsurf symbolic/fsurf
syms x y
f = y^2*(3/4)+y^3*(1/24)-y^4*(1/32)-x^2;

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