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How to connect Turbine powertrain blockset to data coming from workspace?

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Pier Paolo Branclaeoni
Pier Paolo Branclaeoni le 24 Mar 2023
I have a set of data coming from workspace a sfunction of time, and I want use them to enerate power for a turbocharged engine using turbine and compressor powertrain blockset.

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Matthieu le 24 Mar 2023
I don't own the Powertrain Blockset. But I did need to export data vectors from my base workspace to simulink. For that, you need to compute your data as a 1D vector and use the Repeating Sequence Interpolated block and set it to use your vector. Don't forget to set your simulation time as long as the length of your time vector.
Alternatively, you can use your function of time in a Matlab Function block and connect the simulation time as input.


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