how to create a mesh within the geometry?

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Pooneh Shah Malekpoor
Pooneh Shah Malekpoor le 24 Mar 2023
There is a geometry like :
How to plot the meshed geometry like this ?lets say the mesh dimension is 1*1
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Joe Vinciguerra
Joe Vinciguerra le 24 Mar 2023
What have you tried so far?
Do you just need to display the shape with gridlines, or is there underlying data that needs to be mapped or otherwise associated to the grid?
Pooneh Shah Malekpoor
Pooneh Shah Malekpoor le 24 Mar 2023
I have used Plot command but it is not generating regular meshed geometry! I just need the shape with gridlines for this 45 deg sloped geometry

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz le 25 Mar 2023
This solution creates a grid based on the coordinates stored in xy. It then removes any grid coordinates outside of the polygon defined by xy by replacing those values with NaN. The grid is plotted using surf() and the polygon perimeter is plotting using polyshape/plot.
% nx2 [x,y] values that define the polygon
xy = [0 0; 20 0; 25 -5; 45 -5; 45 -10; 0 -10];
% Compute the grid covering the entire extent of the polygon
interval = 1;
xGridVals = min(xy(:,1)) : interval : max(xy(:,1));
yGridVals = min(xy(:,2)) : interval : max(xy(:,2));
[xg,yg] = meshgrid(xGridVals ,yGridVals);
% Remove grid values outside of the polygon
[in,on] = inpolygon(xg,yg,xy(:,1),xy(:,2));
xg(~(in|on)) = NaN;
yg(~(in|on)) = NaN;
% Plot the grid & Polygon
hold on
axis equal
grid off

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