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sending values from function to appdesigner

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Furkan Karaman
Furkan Karaman le 27 Mar 2023
I have a function which should be executed if a button is pressed and two values should be returned
in function file:
function [x,y] = MySimple_Edgee(res,ch,thres,edg,ac_coup,dc_coup,range,analog_offset)
in app file:
error message is given: Too many output arguments
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 27 Mar 2023
Is it somehow possible that app is non-scalar at that point so app.a would be expansion ?

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chrisw23 le 28 Mar 2023
To call your function saved as a script from appdesigner just place the script file in a folder named 'private' that has to be placed beside the *.mlapp file (just to be in path). The syntax will be
[x,y] = MySimple_Edgee(res,ch,thres,edg,ac_coup,dc_coup,range,analog_offset)
To integrate the function in your mlapp app save it as private function
function [x,y] = MySimple_Edgee(app,res,ch,thres,edg,ac_coup,dc_coup,range,analog_offset)
and call it like
[x,y] = app.MySimple_Edgee(res,ch,thres,edg,ac_coup,dc_coup,range,analog_offset)
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Furkan Karaman
Furkan Karaman le 6 Avr 2023
thank you for your detailed answer but it worked somehow with my method

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