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Run a script on all files in a folder/subfolders

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Steve K
Steve K le 27 Mar 2023
Commenté : Steve K le 28 Mar 2023
I presently have a script which uses uigetfile and multiselect to grab several files in a folder and then loops through them; writing them to a table, getting averages of some variables, and then writting those averages to another table with the original filename as a column. The resultant table is then written to a csv after the loop completes. However, I have many folders with this particular type of file and they are separated by a few different parameters in subfolders (month, date, event name, etc.).
Is there a function which I can use to search a particular directory and all subfolders for files with names that meet my criteria? There is a common string in the filename which I can search by, ex. *filetype*.csv. I have used the dir command to return all files that meet the criteria to the command window but I cannot save them to an array with their respective path in column one and the filename in column two. Whenever you try to assign the dir output to a variable it uses the third option of the dir command to extract file attributes rather than names. I may be missing a function which does what I want already but I haven't found it.
example folder structure:

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang le 27 Mar 2023
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Steve K
Steve K le 28 Mar 2023
Yes, this ultimately worked for me after some tweaks and other searches Can you use DIR to list files in subfolders ? - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central (mathworks.com)
Thank you
I was then able to iterate through the filenames with my script.

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chrisw23 le 28 Mar 2023
..some example lines of code using .net System functionality
import System.IO.*
searchDir = "C:\Temp";
pattern = "*.*";
searchOption = System.IO.SearchOption.AllDirectories;
fsEnumerableIterator = Directory.EnumerateFiles(searchDir, pattern, searchOption);
enFilesFound = fsEnumerableIterator.GetEnumerator;
while enFilesFound.MoveNext % set up data collector
fileFound = enFilesFound.Current;
dInfo = DirectoryInfo(fileFound);
dInfo.FullName % access DirectoryInfo struct
fInfo = FileInfo(fileFound);
fInfo.FullName % access FileInfo struct


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