Why is ocr not working in this case

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I have a picture with text written on it and ocr doesn't work on it
I = imread('image1_bw.png');
roi = [117,82,307,213];
hold on
hold off
text =
ocrText with properties: Text: 'OPO↵Ot↵ONO↵PENG↵↵' CharacterBoundingBoxes: [17×4 double] CharacterConfidences: [17×1 single] Words: {4×1 cell} WordBoundingBoxes: [4×4 double] WordConfidences: [4×1 single] TextLines: {4×1 cell} TextLineBoundingBoxes: [4×4 double] TextLineConfidences: [4×1 single]
I should add that on my machine the result is different as I get
Text: ''
Probably because the version is different I'm using the 2021a release and the version 10.0 of the computer toolbox
I have no idea why ocr is not working in this case. If someone has a fix it will be very helpfull :)

Accepted Answer

Matteo Bonhomme
Matteo Bonhomme on 28 Mar 2023
Edited: Matteo Bonhomme on 29 Mar 2023
I ended up training ocr on more sample and now it's working.
I think the issue was that the basekit function doesn't know this specific font.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Mar 2023
ocr() has lots of options. Try experimenting wtih them.


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