Graphing a Histogram for Simulation

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Leo on 28 Mar 2023
Commented: Leo on 29 Mar 2023
I am trying to do a simulation and I am having an issue with the graph, I am trying to get a histogram graph with the most frequent occurrence happening in the middle with the other value frequences on the sides but my code is only graphing what seems to be the middle bar. I have included my code as well as an image of the type of graph I am trying to recreate.
close all
delta_cp = @(t) (-2.4433*t + 7.623) + 7.3125;
n_sims = 100000;
t_range = linspace(0, 3.1, 1000);
results = zeros(1, n_sims);
for i = 1:n_sims
t = i * t_range(end);
results(i) = delta_cp(t);
hist(results(:,1), 50);
xlabel('Change in Center of Gravity (m)')
title('Simulation Results')
Leo on 29 Mar 2023
Calm down John its not that deep

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Mar 2023
Edited: Image Analyst on 28 Mar 2023
How is it a distribution? You're not doing a Monte Carlo - you're not getting random numbers. Not sure what that function is. Is it a PDF or CDF or something else?
I'm attaching some Monte Carlo-related demos.
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Leo on 29 Mar 2023
Thank you, this was more helpful than just telling me that I was not doing a random number mote carlo.

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