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How to extract only one file from a zipped folder

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Pushti Shah
Pushti Shah le 17 Avr 2023
I have a zipped folder with multiple subfolders in it. The subfolders aren't zipped but I want to extract two files from a subfolder of a subfolder. I have about 1000 subjects that I want to do this for so I have to make a for loop and cannot do it by individual commands.
path_r = 'H:/emotion/data/';
subj_list = dir('*');
subj_list(1:2) = [];
for subji = 1%:length(subj_list)
path = [path_r subj_list(subji).name '/MNINonLinear/Results/tfMRI_EMOTION_RL/'];
^ this is the code for to the folder with the file
unzip([path 'tfMRI_EMOTION_RL.nii.gz'], ['H:/emotion/' subj_list(subji).name '_RL'])
unzip([path 'Motion_Regressors'], ['H:/emotion/' subj_list(subji).name '_RL'])
^These are the two files I want to extract to a new folder
The subject list is the name of the subject ex. 123456. However, the only way to get this list is if I extract the files. The true name of the file is "123456_3T_rfMRI_REST1_preproc" so I would need to find a way to make a subject list with only the numerical subject name because it is required for the path. Please let me know what I can do to change my code and make sure it works.

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chrisw23 le 18 Avr 2023
function [unzippedFileNames,msg] = unzipFromArchive(obj,zipArchivePath,searchString,ignoreCase,unzipPath)
% unzip specific files from given archive
% search string can bei a complete file name or a related part of the file name
% '*' wildcards are not supported
import System.IO.*
import System.IO.Compression.*
import System.IO.Compression.ZipFileExtensions.*
msg = obj.DefaultNoError;
archStream = File.Open(zipArchivePath, FileMode.Open);
arch = ZipArchive (archStream, System.IO.Compression.ZipArchiveMode.Read);
zipFileList = NET.createGeneric('System.Collections.Generic.List',{'System.String'},arch.Entries.Count);
enArch = arch.Entries.GetEnumerator;
overwrite = true;
while enArch.MoveNext
zipFiles = string(zipFileList.ToArray)';
searchIndex = find(zipFiles.contains(searchString,'IgnoreCase',ignoreCase)); % zero based .net index
unzippedFileNames = zipFiles(searchIndex); % search result
if ~isempty(searchIndex)
for sglFileIndex = searchIndex'
ZipFileExtensions.ExtractToFile (arch.Entries.Item(sglFileIndex-1),Path.Combine(unzipPath,zipFiles(sglFileIndex)), overwrite)
msg = "archive file names without match to search string '" + searchString + "'";
catch ex
msg = ex.message;
unzippedFileNames = [];
% release archive file
modify this as needed (copied out of one of my classes)

Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro le 18 Avr 2023
This cannot be done using matlab only, it requires Java as well.
You can refer to this thread for extracting file names and paths from a zipped archive
And to this thread here for unzipping single files.


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