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How to convert matlab code to c/c++ code?

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anu le 30 Mar 2015
In my algorithms,there are imresize,imfilter and many more functions that are not working with matlab coder.so Is there another way?

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Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov le 9 Avr 2015
I'm not aware of any other tool or product that converts MATLAB code to C/C++, other than MATLAB Coder. Your options are:
  • Wait for future release where imresize, imfilter etc are supported for code generation. More functions are supported for code generation with each release (you can also consider contacting MathWorks tech support and explicitly requesting that the functions you need be supported. Development team would be happy to hear that, as it helps them to set right priorities).
  • Implement suitable versions of those functions yourself (either directly in C/C++, or in codegenable subset of MATLAB language). Presumably you don't need imresize and imfilter in full, just some concrete cases. Is there a freeware C library that you can call to, using coder.ceval?
  • Reconsider the need for C/C++. For instance, many people who want to deploy their code can use MATLAB Compiler instead.
I know this sounds harsh, I'd be happy if someone could offer a more comforting alternative.
-- Denis


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