please help me in solving these equation showing error 0-by-1 and warning: Unable to find explicit solution

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syms f k_3 k_2 n k_1
eqn1= 0.00001168245 - k_1 - k_2/(1 + (0.00008662/(f - k_3*((0.00001168245)^2)))^n)==0;
eqn2=0.0000253 - k_1 - k_2/(1 + (0.000135034/(f - k_3*((0.0000253)^2)))^n)==0;
eqn3=0.00001187352 - k_1 - k_2/(1 + (0.0000973094/(f - k_3*((0.00001187352)^2)))^n)==0;
eqn4=0.00001437763 - k_1 - k_2/(1 + (0.00011957/(f - k_3*((0.00001437763)^2)))^n)==0;
eqn5=0.0000397437 - k_1 - k_2/(1+(0.00014748/(f - k_3*((0.0000397437)^2)))^n)==0;
vars=[f k_3 k_2 n k_1];
answer = solve(eqns, vars);
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Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro le 24 Avr 2023
Not every system of equations, or even single equation, can be explicitly solved.
in your case the single equations can be solved, but the system can't.
What i suggest is to plot the equations and actually see where are the solutions, and then solve it numerically per intervals using vpasolve() or fzero()

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