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How to create a color plot based on the number of occurance?

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Ashfaq Ahmed
Ashfaq Ahmed le 28 Avr 2023
Hi! I have a polar plot and we can see most of the data points fall within the 0° and 180° line. And the rest of the points are uniformly scattered. I want to plot a color graph that changes the color with the number of occurance in that region. For example, intense red color in the 0° and 180° line and white color where there is less data point.
The r and theta values are attache din this question. Any feedback will be greatly aprpeciated!!

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Hyunuk Ha
Hyunuk Ha le 29 Avr 2023
The most easiest way is : use your r data as color map.
I made simple example as :
polardata = [r, theta];
polardata = rmmissing(polardata);
figure; polarscatter(polardata(:,1),polardata(:,2), [], polardata(:,2));
colormap(gca,'parula') % Change colormap as you want.

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