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matlab versions2022a and 2022b doesn't run in same speed in windows10

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Manjunath R
Manjunath R le 9 Mai 2023
matlab versions2022a and 2022b doesn't run in same speed in windows10. 2022b is working fine, but 2022a takes a minute to load a slx file.
what are possible solutions for both versions to work in same efficient speed?
hard disk capacity:- 500gb
current disk space:-
d drive- 89gb, cdrive- 40gb
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dpb le 9 Mai 2023
Unless there's a patch for R0222a, it probably can't be fixed. They're two different releases; TMW makes code changes/improvements(hopefully, sometimes new features aren't quite as efficient as might be on first relelases or "stuff happens" and a function's performance may even go backwards) between releases. So, if they happened to have worked in a given area, there can be impacts in both directions on performance. You could search the version release notes to see if there's any mention of such an issue to get a clue that it might have been a known issue.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 9 Mai 2023
Please clarify if you see a general slowdown or if this is specific to loading a Simulink model. An easy way is to run the
command and compare. If it is specifc to loading Simulink models, please try loading the same model in both releases that ships as example with MATLAB. Example:
>> tic, f14, toc
Elapsed time is 13.077504 seconds.
>> tic, f14, toc
Elapsed time is 0.050414 seconds.
Run it twice and lets go from there. Maybe it is specifc to your model.


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