State-space input response

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Yasin Karacif
Yasin Karacif le 18 Mai 2023
I have this state space system for an a/c;
[u_dot;w_dot;q_dot;theta_dot]=[-0.045,0.036,0,-0.322 ; -0.370,-2.02,1.76,0 ; 0.191,-3.96,-2.98,0 ; 0,0,1,0][u;w;q;theta] + [0,1 ; -0.282, 0 ; -11, 0 ; 0, 0][𝛿_e;𝛿_t] )
. Aircraft has initial of[176;0;0;0]. I want to input w=-5 ft/s in the time range of t=3s to t=8s. How can i do that and how to plot response?

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Paul le 18 Mai 2023
Hi Yasin,
You can create a model using ss. Wtih that model you can simulate the repsonse to the initial condition and the input using lsim.
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Yasin Karacif
Yasin Karacif le 18 Mai 2023
Exactly, but it is asked that plot the response if w is -5 ft/s in a time period of 3 < t < 8. Thanks for help though

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