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why do i receive "Unable to perform assignment because brace indexing is not supported for variables of this type".

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dear matlab community, i try to get the dmos value with 982x2 where the column 1 is the size of image and the second collumn 2 is for the dmos value but there is a problem with coding. can see the attach file. i appreciate all your help. thank you

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Voss le 27 Mai 2023
Brace indexing (using {}) is for cell arrays (or tables), but FYPdatabase is a numeric array, so that's why the error happens.
Here's how you can make FYPdatabase a cell array, with first column being image size and second column being the corresponding element of dmos, as specified in your question:
FYPdatabase = cell(numel(dmos),2); % preallocate a cell array with 2 columns and numel(dmos) rows
FYPdatabase(:,2) = num2cell(dmos); % place the dmos values in the 2nd column




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