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need help creating standalone gui using m-file (no fig file, not using GUIDE)

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Jude Kastens
Jude Kastens le 24 Fév 2011
I created a GUI in editor (not GUIDE) using just an m-file (no fig file). I then used deploytool to build & package (no problems with this).
Everything installs fine (including MCR) on a non-MATLAB PC, but upon running the GUI EXE, the EXE appears briefly in the task manager process list and then quickly disappears, and the GUI does not appear at all. Also, a beep can be heard, suggesting an error and not just a successful (but really fast) open & close.
Is there some protocol I need to follow when trying to create a Windows standalone GUI in this manner (i.e., not using GUIDE & no fig file)? Do I need to initialize the m-file (and/or any created figures) in some particualr way?
Using R2010a, Windows XP, & Windows 7 (all 64-bit).
Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.
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Jude Kastens
Jude Kastens le 24 Fév 2011
Thanks much, Paulo!
Instead of replacing the figure handle, I simply initialized h ("h = struct;"), and the standalone seems to work now.

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Wendy Fullam
Wendy Fullam le 24 Sep 2012
Paulo answered in comments:
try fldplnfig instead of h.fldplnfig in the figure handle


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