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Why Execution Order of Sum block is not shown in the Simulink model?

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Fahad le 1 Juin 2023
Commenté : Fahad le 12 Fév 2024
Following is a snapshot of my simulink model.
The Information Overlays in the Simulink provides the Execution Order of the blocks.
In my model for some blocks the execution order is shown but for others it is not. I am curious why it is so? (why execution order of Sum and Relational Operators are not visible below?)

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Paul le 1 Juin 2023
It's possible that Simulink has determined that those blocks don't need to be executed (I think there is a Block Reduction optimization option). What happens if a Scope is attached to the output of a Sum block so that the Sum block must execute? Does that make that Sum block show up in the execution order?
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Paul le 4 Juin 2023
Don't know when "Reduced Blocks" was added to Information Overlays. I'm using 2022a.
Again, adding the Scope is only intended as test to see if the block in quesition is being reduced out of model, in order to answer your question of why a block is not shown in the execution order. At this point, I'm only guessing that the blocks in question are being reduced out of the model.
Another option to determine if block reduction is causing the blocks in question to not be shown in the exeuction order is to turn off block reduction. In R2022a, block reduction can be turned off by going to
Model Settings -> Simulation Target -> Advanced Parameters
and uncheck Block Reduction. I assume it would be the same in 2020a
Here's the R2020a block reduction doc page with more information.
Fahad le 12 Fév 2024
So, I placed the whole logic in question inside a Function call subsystem which is triggered by Function call generator and after that the Execution Order is visible as shown in the attached pic.

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