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How to find active contours of multiple images simultaneously and how to overlay multiple of them?

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I have tried various codes for active contour using ROI but it works for one image at a time and overlay using cast outpict function it decreases brightness of other boundary.

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Post what you have done so that it is possible to help.
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Charu le 2 Juin 2023
i have applied this code to find active contour of an image and get this image. i want to get several of them together.
A = imread('Charu 5.jpg');
I = rgb2gray(A);
r = drawrectangle;
mask = createMask(r);
bw = activecontour(I,mask,1,'edge');
hold on;
Charu le 2 Juin 2023
Also, for overlaying multiple images, i used this code. but it decreases brightness of upper image on successive overlaying.
A = imread('A0.jpg');
B = imread('A1.jpg');
C = imread('A2.jpg');
D = imread('A3.jpg');
E = imread('A4.jpg');
F = imread('A5.jpg');
G = imread('A6.jpg');
outpict = cat(7,A,B,C,D,E,F,G);
outpict = cast(mean(outpict,7),class(A));

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