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How can I set a initial value for input parameters in FMU?

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Shashank Mehta
Shashank Mehta le 13 Juin 2023
Commenté : Julian le 8 Avr 2024
I want to co-simulate the FMU in PowerFactory and want to assign initial value for the parameters, how can I do it while creating an FMU.

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Satwik le 14 Juin 2023
When you create an FMU (Functional Mock-up Unit), you can define parameters with initial values in the FMU description file (modelDescription.xml). This file includes metadata about the FMU, such as the name of the model, the type of solver used, and the number and types of inputs and outputs.
Here's an example of how you can define a parameter with an initial value in the FMU xml description file:
initial="1.0" />
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Julian le 8 Avr 2024
You have to unzip the .fmu file to see the ModelDescription.xml.
Julian le 8 Avr 2024
@Satwik is there a way to set the initial values of variables in <ModelVariable><start> attribute when exporting the FMU with FMI version 3.0? Changing the ModelDescription.xml after exporting it as Standalone FMU seems not to be the best practice to me.

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