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Extracting data from .nc file

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Ilay Green
Ilay Green le 27 Juin 2023
Hey everyone.
Im trying to import some data from an nc file i got.
I tried this:
pathtofile = 'C:\Users\97250\OneDrive\Desktop\ThirdYear\NumericalWeatherPrediction\jm_9thKJvEGFUqHg6k\CF_METEO_2022_10_LcS_Day1';
finame = 'CF_METEO_2022_10_LcS_Day1.nc';
ncid = netcdf.open([pathtofile '\' finame],'NC_NOWRITE');
i get:
Error using netcdf.open (line 52)
Could not open file
Error in PROJECTNWP (line 9)
ncid = netcdf.open([pathtofile '\' finame],'NC_NOWRITE');
so what i did is trying the hard way by doing ncdisp(), get the variables and try to set them one by one. but it's too big and i got this:
Cannot display summaries of variables with more than 524288 elements.
If you have tips on how to solve it, I would appreciate

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ProblemSolver le 28 Juin 2023
It seems like you are experiencing difficulties opening the NetCDF file and facing limitations when using `ncdisp` to display the variables. Here are a few suggestions to help you overcome these issues:
1. Check the file path: Double-check the file path to ensure that it is correct and the file exists at that location. Make sure there are no typos or missing folders in the path.
2. Use the full file path: Instead of using `[pathtofile '\' finame]` to concatenate the file path, you can use the `fullfile` function, which handles file path construction in a platform-independent manner. Modify your code as follows:
ncid = netcdf.open(fullfile(pathtofile, finame), 'NC_NOWRITE');
This will ensure that the file path is constructed correctly.
3. Check file permissions: Make sure that you have read permissions for the NetCDF file. If the file is being used by another process or locked, you may encounter issues with opening it. Check if the file is currently open in any other application.
4. Consider using the `ncinfo` function: Instead of using `ncdisp` to display the variables, you can use the `ncinfo` function to obtain information about the NetCDF file. It provides a more flexible way to access and analyze the variables. For example:
info = ncinfo(fullfile(pathtofile, finame));
The `info` structure will contain details about the file, including dimensions, variables, and attributes. You can then access specific variables using their names.
5. Read variables selectively: If the file is too large to display all variables using `ncdisp`, you can read and process specific variables of interest using the `ncread` function. This allows you to work with the data without loading the entire file into memory. For example:
variableData = ncread(fullfile(pathtofile, finame), 'VariableName');
Replace `'VariableName'` with the actual name of the variable you want to read. This approach allows you to work with large datasets more efficiently.
I hope this helps!

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