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simulink PV Panel from specialized power blocks

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Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 8 Juil 2023
I am trying to model a pv panel that i have a data sheet for.
Using the specialized power system block in simulink, i am using the user defined parameters.
The problem is, the parameters are expected to be input into the model at 1000W/m^2
My datasheet charecteristics are given at at 1350 W/m^2
I have tried to scaled them but the relationship is non linear. Does anyone have a suggestion?
No ammount of tuning seems to make it right.

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Chaitanya le 11 Juil 2023
When modeling a PV panel in Simulink using the specialized power system block, it is essential to have accurate and representative parameters for the specific PV panel you are working with. If the datasheet characteristics are provided at 1350 W/m^2, but the block expects inputs at 1000 W/m^2, you may need to scale the parameters to match the expected input.
Since you mentioned that the relationship between the parameters and the scaling factor is non-linear, a simple linear scaling may not be sufficient. In this case, you have a few options:
1. Non-linear scaling: Instead of using a linear scaling factor, you can try to find a non-linear scaling relationship between the two power levels (1350 W/m^2 and 1000 W/m^2). This could involve using a mathematical function or a lookup table to map the parameters accurately.
2. Interpolation: If you have a limited number of data points available, you can use interpolation techniques to estimate the parameters at the desired power level. MATLAB provides various interpolation functions like `interp1` or `interp2` that can help you estimate the parameters based on the available data.
3. Contact the manufacturer: If possible, contact the manufacturer of the PV panel and inquire about the parameters at 1000 W/m^2. They might be able to provide you with the necessary information or guidance on how to scale the parameters accurately.
4. Experimental validation: If you have access to the PV panel, you can consider conducting experiments to measure the parameters at 1000 W/m^2. This will provide you with direct and accurate data to use in your Simulink model.
Remember that accurately representing the PV panel parameters is crucial for obtaining reliable simulation results. Therefore, it is important to invest effort in obtaining or estimating the correct parameters at the desired power level.
If you can provide more details about the specific parameters and their relationship to the power level, I can assist you further in finding an appropriate scaling method or suggest alternative approaches.
Hope this helps!


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