Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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le 22 Juil 2023
Commenté : Yifeng Tang le 25 Août 2023
I'm trying to build a make-up enthalpy heat pump air conditioner with Simscape but I don't know how to start, does anyone know how to do it?
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Sam Chak
Sam Chak le 22 Juil 2023
@柯, How does the heat pump air conditioner work? Does it use thermal gradient (heat) to pump the air?
If you know the mathematical principle that governs the heat transfer () that causes the change in the air temperature over time, , then you can build the heat exchange system using basic blocks in Simulink and then verify your design against performance requirements.
Once you are confident that your designed system works, then you can gradually replace the basic blocks in your Simulink model using then Simscape blocks.

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang le 28 Juil 2023
I would suggest that you take a close look at this Documentation page "Model a Refrigeration Cycle"
Heat pump also uses the refrigeration cycle, with the condenser inside the room.
Follow the workflow outlined in this documentation page, carefully parametrize the components like heat exchangers, test them in test harness models, make partial refrigeration cycle models, and then close the refrigeration loop.
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le 22 Août 2023
Thank you very much for your answer, I have been reading this help document before, but I don't know how to parameterize the heat exchanger and compressor and how to verify that the components I built are correct.
Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang le 25 Août 2023
The general idea is to use the test harness model to reproduce the test scenarios described in the reference data. For example, use reservoirs to set up the boundary conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.) and use flowrate source block to drive the flow (for heat exchangers) or a physical signal to provide a rpm (for compressor). Then you can use sensor blocks or Simscape Result Explorer to check if the outcome, for instances outlet temperature, heat flow, and/or mass flow agree with the reference data.

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