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Is it possible to disable parent node selection in a uitree?

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Adam le 4 Août 2023
Is there any way to disable certain nodes in a uitree from being selectable? In particular I have a situation similar to that shown below, where I have multiple parent nodes to group objects within the tree. I want to allow the user to select objects from different groups (e.g. Banana and Carrot here), but I don't want to allow the parent node 'Fruit' to be selected because this makes no sense in my use case, it is just there as a grouping (and I don't wish it to represent selecting every item in that group either, it's not a helpful use case for me).
I'm still relatively new to the App Designer style of UI components, but I don't see any option on the node properties to allow this.
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic le 4 Août 2023
You can also use the Tree component with the checkmark, it is in the component browser, it's often overlooked. So you can use the CheckedNodes property to do what you need to do with the selection.
Adam le 4 Août 2023
I did look at the Checked tree too, but it also doesn't distinguish at all between a parent node and a leaf node, or allow me to do so.
'Veg' wasn't selected above because I made the selection myself, by clicking on the elements of the tree in multiselect mode and I only clicked 'Fruit' to demonstrate it as an example of what I don't want to be possible.

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic le 14 Août 2023
I hope you have sorted it out, however, here's an example in which SelectionChangedFcn is used to remove the nodes which have children from selection.
h = uitree("Multiselect","on");
fruitH = uitreenode(h, "Text", "Fruit");
vegH = uitreenode(h, "Text", "Veg");
uitreenode(fruitH, "Text", "Apple");
uitreenode(fruitH, "Text", "Fig");
uitreenode(vegH, "Text", "Carrot");
uitreenode(vegH, "Text", "Cabbage");
h.SelectionChangedFcn = @(src, evt) treeSelectionChangedFcn(src,evt);
Function is below
function treeSelectionChangedFcn(src, evt)
selection = src.SelectedNodes;
selectionChildren = {selection(:).Children};
selectionIdx = cellfun(@isempty, selectionChildren);
src.SelectedNodes(~selectionIdx) = [];


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