How to solve "Unexpected error calling cuDNN: CUDNN_STAT​US_EXECUTI​ON_FAILED.​" error?

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Hello mathworks team,
Iam using NVIDIA RTX A4000 GPU and Matlab 2018b version
As part of learning I have taken the example of Transfer learning using alexnet from matlab documentation. I used the same example they have given but at training the network Iam getting an error.
netTransfer = trainNetwork(augimdsTrain,layers,options);
ERROR:Error using trainNetwork (line 150)
Unexpected error calling cuDNN: CUDNN_STATUS_EXECUTION_FAILED.
Error in alexnet_test_matlabexample (line 57)
netTransfer = trainNetwork(augimdsTrain,layers,options);
and, after I have given some more inputs provided in this below link
catch ME
parpool('local', gpuDeviceCount);
try, nnet.internal.cnngpu.reluForward(1); catch ME, end
still I am getting same error. please help me in this regard.

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Joss Knight
Joss Knight le 11 Août 2023
The Ada GPU architecture is not supported in R2018b. You need to upgrade MATLAB. You should have received a warning about this when you first started using the device.

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